Port of Solvesborg (Sölvesborgs Stuveri & Hamn AB) will develop complete logistics solutions in collaboration with our customers.


With our strategic position as the main argument, we aim to develop the activities in port, stevedoring and logistics operations. Through sensible investments, we continuously create opportunities to be competitive primarily vis-a-vis other competing types of traffic, especially as investments are made in close cooperation with our customers.

Our goal is to be the premier partner in port and logistics in our geographical area. This goal is achieved by focusing on our core business and having satisfied customers through efficient and safe handling of goods.

We work to be an efficient, reliable and strong link in the transport chain focusing on the least possible negative effects on the environment and quality. In practice, this means that we comply with the laws and regulations as well as meet the demands of our customers, authorities and our environment and that we continuously work to improve and streamline our operations.

The energy that we buy is 100% “green” and eco-labelled. This means that it exclusively originate from fossil-free and renewable sources such as water, wind and solar power, some of the cleanest energy sources available.

As an employer, we always strive for equality and that our employees are not exposed to ill health or accidents at work.

In order to control the above improvement process, significant aspects regarding quality and environment, are met with the help of goals and performance.

Sölvesborg 2018-12-03
Johan Persson